Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Letter to myself at ten years old.

Dear Amanda,

                                    I know a lot of this is going to be way over your head right now because your still young but believe me the things I am about to tell you will come in to your life a lot faster then you think. “Life is short, live every day like it is your last” Cliché quote right? But actually it really is a great quote to live by. You are going to lose people in your life and it’s going to make you realize that life is so short and you do not have time to waste. At this age you already know that you want to be a fashion designer so STICK WITH IT! You are going to come across times where you just want to give up because you do not think you are good enough but believe me you will get better and you are going to become so proud of your self. Right now every thing seems like such a big deal but trust me they are not. Yes some things are worth stressing over but not every little thing is. When something is bothering you just think to your self is this really worth my effort of stressing? Does this problem really matter and does it deserve to get the best of me? If you ask your self those questions chances are you are going to realize that a lot of problems really are not worth it. You have to learn how to brush the small stuff off, and that seems really hard at this point but you will learn with time and as you get older it will get easier, I promise. BOYS! Do not worry about them! Trust me when I say you do not need a boyfriend to be happy! When your about 15 you are going to meet the guy you first fall in love with, he is going to hurt you, do not let him. Do not keep going back to him because as much as you want him to he is NOT going to change. Your going to grow up and be a confident girl so remember that when people or situations try to get the best of you. Life is only as hard as you make it.